Bartending School

Our students can return at any time to retrain bartending skills and retake classes.

We Offer Amazing Bartending Training

Bartending School | Bartender's Professional Training Institute Inc. : Rochester, NY

Congratulations on making the decision to enter one of the most exciting fields in the world. Bartending is much more than just slinging drinks. Rather, you will wear a wide variety of hats during your career. You'll be a true hospitality professional who is the heart and soul of any bar, club or restaurant. You'll be a friendly face, a part-time therapist and a mixologist who can satisfy any customer's needs.

But bartending, like any field, requires training. There are plenty of bartending schools and at-home programs that advertise their services on the sides of buses and on late-night television commercials. What sets The Bartender's Professional Training Institute apart from the rest is our comprehensive education, Alcohol Awareness Certification upon graduation and job placement and lifetime retraining guarantee. We don't just teach you a few drinks and send you out the door; rather, once you're a student of the Institute, you're a student for life.

Classes are fun but educational and taught by seasoned industry professionals. Our owner has over sixteen years' experience in the industry and places serious importance on bartenders receiving a comprehensive education in all aspects of being behind the bar. Alongside other future bartenders, you'll learn hospitality skills and safety precautions that you'll use every day in your exciting new job.

You'll enter the Bartender's Professional Training Institute a novice, but you will leave as a fully certified bartender who is ready to work professionally in compliance with New York law. With our job placement assistance, it will be only a matter of time before you're putting your newly acquired professional skills into practice behind a bar in a real restaurant or club.